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Turnout Facilities & Daily Routine

Bearstone Stud Grounds
Bearstone Stud

Over 300 acres at Bearstone Stud offer safe and comfortable surroundings for mares and their followers. Hedges 3 metres high separate all paddocks with post and rail fencing on either side.

Mares with foals at foot graze together in groups; the numbers turned out together depends on individual paddock size.

Weaned foals, yearlings and older youngstock are separated into age groups, and by sex.

Each Stallion box is situated in an individual paddock, which enables free access throughout the day.

Both grass and soil are tested regularly to ensure the best foundation for growing racehorses.

Stables at night
Bearstone Stud

Feed, Bedding & Hay

All resident and visiting animals are fed on the highest quality feeds. We grow some of our own hay, which is supplemented by bought-in stock as the seasons dictate.

Most animals are bedded on straw, but yearlings are put on shavings to ensure that their food intake can be precisely monitored.

Mares grazing
Mares Grazing

Veterinary Care

Indesatchel 'at home' with John Vincent
Indesatchel 'at home' with John Vincent

Our purpose built veterinary examination rooms provide safe and secure surroundings for the routine clinical inspections and procedures that all mares visiting Bearstone Stud undergo.

Our vets include:
J.R. Williamson B.Sc.M.A.VetMB., M.R.C.V.S.
R. Gunstone B VetMed, M.R.C.V.S

Dear Breeder, I would like to introduce myself. For the last two years i have been attending to the mares at Bearstone Stud. I have been specialising in brood mare work for almost 15 years including 5 years "shuttling" between stud farms in the UK and Zimbabwe, a stint in Queensland and 7 years for Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdul Azizon his large TB breeding farm just outside Riyadh in Saudi Arabia.
R. Gunstone B VetMed, M.R.C.V.S.

They are highly experienced equine veterinary surgeons from our local practice, who provide a 24-hour call-out service.

Stud Entrance
Bearstone Stud Entrance

We use farriers well experienced in shoeing racing and breeding stock. All mares have their feet trimmed every four weeks, with youngstock attended to as and when required.


Stable Entrance
Stable Barn Entrance

Our purpose built stabling is arranged over six sites including the House Yard, The Paddocks, the Racecourse Yard (on the site of the now defunct Woore racecourse) and the Rock House Yard. Brick built in the Dutch barn style all loose boxes are large and of the highest specification. The walkways running up the centre and across the depth of the barns are wide enough for horses to be turned around.

All boxes have double bolted doors and automatic waterers, with solid brick walls between them, the front grills have openings to allow horses to put their heads out.



Two Young Foals
Two Young Foals

Stud manager Mark Pennell heads up our team, who have 75 years' experience of foaling between them. We have 10 foaling boxes, all monitored by CCTV. Pictures are relayed into the sitting up room and the Stud Manager's house, which is on-site.


Bearstone Stud Grounds
Swans on the lake in the grounds of
Bearstone Stud

Bearstone Stud has its own supply of natural mineralwater from a subterranean spring on the land. This water has been tested fit for human consumption, and the quality is regularly monitored. Our pumping station provides us with 90% of the stud's water and irrigation requirements, pumping top quality mineral water to all the field troughs.