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A day in the life of a ....Stud Groom

19 April 2012

The Job of Stud Groom is a varied one;

There are many tasks that fall under a Stud Grooms Job title and the actual job description will vary from Stud to Stud. Physical strength, love of the animal and attention to detail are quality aspects of a successful Stud Groom. A sense of personal responsibility is essential in a caretaker.

Job Description

Regardless of the size of the establishment, a groom spends a lot of time hands on with the animals as well as taking orders from the Breeding Manager, Stallion Manager, Broodmare Manager and Breeder.

Responsibilities can include;

· Following feeding, cleaning & watering schedules
· Basic horse care, bathing, brushing, clipping
· Cleaning & maintaining of tack & equipment
· Basic exercise and ground work
· Assisting with breeding & foaling
· Assisting vet & farrier
· Following supplement & medication schedules
· Basic grounds maintenance and repair


Some employers may require a national diploma in a relevant horse management course, but beyond that this position does not require any formal schooling. Experience is the best teacher with respect to horse care and potential employers know that.

Mark Zipfel – Stud Groom, Shadwell Stud

How did you get involved in this role?

I came into stud work from racing, I started as a studhand then has a yardman became interested in foaling and stallions so took up secondman [under stud manager] duties which enabled me to be more involved with stallions and working closer with foals. The opportunity arose to be studgroom which I gladly accepted.

What attracted you to the job?

Working for sheikh hamdan and top class horses.

What is a typical day like for you?

Start at 6:30 check with the night staff all is well with mares and foals then sit down with my secondman and plan the day’s workload for the staff and any movement of horses.
At 7:30 the staff will arrive, I will check all the heavy mares as they go out then do any teasing before I go up to the stallion unit and check everything is ok.
From then on I do covering with the stallion to break. After checking the heavy mares I will then talk to my manager about horses, foals and anything that arises and then catch up with my paperwork.
The afternoon is spent with vet work covering and checking mares and foals as they come in.
4:30 the staff head home I start to plan for the next day whilst being on call for any foaling and covering. Finally I check round [the farm] at 9pm with my night staff to make sure all is ok.

What is your favorite part of the job?

Foaling and managing / assisting with the process.

Which part of your job would you like to change?

None, I enjoy everything I do

What is the career progression for someone in your role?

Next [position up] would be a manager but I am interested in any role that involves the breeding industry.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of taking a similar role?

Lots of stud grooms will tell you that you have to make sacrifice’s to do the job properly and give 100% all the time so if anyone is thinking of taking a similar role I would say be prepared to do this.

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