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A day in the life of a... Information Operator

19 February 2014

Andrew Graham

Information Operator, SIS Ltd, Milton Keynes.


SIS Betting brings the thrill and excitement of betting to life for bookmakers’ customers in the UK, Ireland and worldwide – in shops and online. SIS has been at the heart of the global bookmaking and broadcast industries for more than a quarter of a century, capturing live video and data and producing generic and bespoke programming. Whether they are on-course and in-stadium; managing and delivering data from its Infocentres; producing TV channels; or providing key support, SIS staff are fully engaged with their customers.

The role of an Information Operator at SIS is to ensure timely and accurate delivery of all SIS data, and to maintain a relevant, timely and accurate screen layout on our display systems. The Information Operator is primarily responsible for providing data to all our customers, enabling betting opportunities. The Information Operators deliver data content from SIS Infocentres at Milton Keynes and MediaCityUK, Salford.

Read Andrew Grahams Day in the Life Story of an Information Operator at SIS.

How did you get involved in this role?

I had been working for Stanleybet in Malta as a Studio Operator for around 18 months and I was looking at making the move back to sunny England. A good friend of mine informed me that there were a couple of vacancies within the Infocentre at SIS. As I had previously worked in the racing industry during my earlier years of working at Totesport I thought that this was a great opportunity to get back into this line of work.

What attracted you to the job?

From the age of 18 I have always worked within the betting industry so I have always had a keen interest in horse racing. My previous job at Stanleybet was purely focused around sports betting so this gave me the opportunity to work in the racing industry again. I was also aware that there were a few of my previous colleagues currently working in the Infocentre. This made my decision of leaving Malta to join SIS a lot easier as they had told me all about the job and the kind of company I would be joining.

What is a typical day like for you?

There is no typical day as each day is different due to the shift patterns that you work. There are different types of racing collection that we collate throughout the day. On a daily basis we are assigned different tasks. You may be assigned to any of the following types of meetings: UK, Australian, French, South African, American and LARC. With each of these we follow all the procedures to ensure that all the data is correct when providing live shows and results. We also work closely with our on course reps when working on any UK meetings as they provide us with shows and results from the course over the phone.

What is your favourite part of the job?

My favourite part of the job is that every day you are likely to be assigned a different meeting and different daily tasks, no day is ever the same. We also have a great team so there’s always a lot of banter throughout your shift to keep you amused.

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