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Godolphin Stud & Stable Staff Awards 2015

21 October 2015

How important are these awards?

Very important. It gives so many dedicated and hard-working staff a chance to be recognised in their job. The work the lads and lasses put in on a day-to-day basis can be incredibly tough. The fact the trainers themselves have to recognise and put their staff forward for the award can really bring a team together and bring a real sense of pride to our work. With Olly Stevens announcing his retirement I have had to seek new opportunities and having the award has been a great asset as employers hold the Stud and Stable Staff Award in very high esteem.

What did it mean to you to win the award?

It meant a lot, I had made a career change from polo to racing and had to learn a lot coming into the industry. The award helped confirm I was doing the right job and the time and effort I was putting in was being recognised. I felt proud to be in a room that evening with people who share the same passion for their work as I do and to know there are so many hard-working people in the racing industry – the people I came up against all deserved to be there in their own right.

What qualities make good stable/stud staff?

Working with horses, we need to be reliable, trustworthy,self-motivated and truly dedicated. Not only for our employers, but most importantly for the horses’ welfare. Happy staff make for happy horses. What is the most testing part of your job? The winter. I’m from South Africa so I tend to thrive in the summer months – good racing and good weather. Waking up for early morning feeds in the cold, dark and sometimes wet does test your dedication. Although being able to work out in the fresh air every day is a privilege, the winter is tough on your body. But as soon as the mornings start to get brighter and your first runners of the season are ready to go, the excitement starts to kick in.

What do you most enjoy about your work?

 The winners, that’s the whole point of racing. There is nothing more satisfactory than having put in a lot of hard work and getting the results. A winner, be it in a Class 5 or Group 1, boosts the yard’s morale. You can be exhausted at the end of the day,but with a winner you can celebrate all night and still get up the next morning and be raring to go. I will never forget that day and the feeling Extortionist gave us all when winning the Windsor Castle at Royal Ascot in 2013. It produced a feeling that is hard to explain, hard to come by and very hard to replace.It’s that feeling we all work so hard for every day.

How can life be improved for stud and stable staff?

Generally I feel it’s a good life. Since entering the industry three years ago I have been well In the second of our series on the Godolphin Stud & Stable Staff Awards, 2015 David Nicholson newcomer winner Tegan Clark explains what the prize meant to her ‘There is nothing more satisfactory than getting results’ Tegan Clark: thrives in the summer months looked after and been given some great opportunities. I know some staff are not in as good a position as me, but the racing industry has many organisations that support stud and stable staff.

Nominations are now open for owners, trainers, colleagues and managers. Trainers can nominate online via the Racing Administration website. Nominations can also be completed online via and forms may be also be downloaded at this address and via



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