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Jay HK departure sparks job interest

16 September 2014

NEWS that former Ladbrokes sports and football director Patrick Jay is leaving the Hong Kong Jockey Club to return to Britain in December, after almost five years as director of trading for one of the world's biggest betting operations, is sure to spark interest among European betting companies and regulatory organisations.

Not least among a list of personal achievements since he first entered the industry's mainstream executive structure in November 1993 as head of trading for IG Index is his experience of betting integrity issues.

His skills and insight have been honed since he succeeded another ex-Ladbrokes stalwart Colin Miles at the HKJC in February 2010.

Reflecting on his involvement, Jay said: "After having recognised the link between match fixing, sports integrity, illegal bookmaking, organized crime and the threat to legitimate betting operators, I was pleased to play a central leadership role in representing the Hong Kong Jockey Club on a number of global bodies, such as Interpol, FIFA, the World Lotteries Association and the European Sports Security Association, in order to hit back against those who are a threat to our business.

"In Hong Kong itself I also helped lead the Club's fight against the multiple billion-dollar illegal betting market by co-ordinating and guiding the policy and response of the Hong Kong government, monetary authority and police, as well as assisting and developing relevant media activities in Chinese- and English-speaking print and television."

As for the remaining months of his HKJC contract, Jay has no intention of taking an easy ride home.

"I will work harder than ever to drive the business forward to greater successes," he said, "building on our experience of August, when on the last Sunday we completed a record day, a record weekend, a record week and record month, after yet another record year."

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