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More Ladbrokes redundancies on way

05 December 2013

LADBROKES have started a process leading to a third round of redundancies within 12 months, with the bookmakers' on-course operation one of the areas set to be affected.


A consultation that will involve around 50 jobs in total is being carried out, following on from similar exercises in the spring and summer.

The first round affected around 100 jobs and was the result of the partnership Ladbrokes entered into with online betting software provider Playtech to accelerate growth in their digital business. The partnership led to the establishment of Ladbrokes Israel, with a number of tasks transferring to that operation.

A second round of redundancies, reportedly involving around 75 jobs, emerged during the summer as part of the bookmaker's restructuring of the business.

A review of Ladbrokes' on-course operations forms part of the third round of redundancies, although the bookmaker said the review had not been completed. It is understood some racecourse pitches may be sold.

In June Ladbrokes bought Irish firm Chronicle Bookmakers, including their pitches at 16 courses in Ireland and 12 in the UK.

As a result Ladbrokes have two or three pitches at some tracks.

Ladbrokes' corporate affairs director Ciaran O'Brien said: "There is an ongoing process which is subject to consultation."

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