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New education initiatives launched

12 October 2015

TWO initiatives designed to introduce young people to the career opportunities in racing are being developed by the British Horseracing Education Standards Trust, the charity that runs the Racing To School programme.

Bhest said the programmes would support the work being done in the industry to address the shortfall in stable staff which the BHA estimates to be around 400, although others have quoted figures up to 1,000.
Racing To School is supported by the Levy Board, racecourses and the breeding industry and provides around 250 learning days each year to more than 10,000 local primary and secondary schoolchildren.  
The charity’s executive director Judith Allen said: “Bhest is in a unique position to support through relevant education and guidance the work being undertaken by the racing and breeding industries to recruit and retain staff.
“The new Racing to Work programme is being developed to support schools when they focus with their pupils on future career options and the range of skills required by employers. 

“We want to inspire young people by opening up opportunities for training towards a career in the racing industry that they probably never knew existed, or perhaps felt was somehow out of reach.
“The Racing for Riders programme will encourage those already engaged in other equine disciplines at riding schools/clubs, pony clubs and centres to consider racing as an option.”

Bhest has also appointed former Great British Racing PR director Nick Attenborough as a trustee, while John Blake, the former Professional Jockeys Association chief executive, has joined as fundraising director.

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