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New Sheffield role for Rowe

28 January 2016

BOB ROWE, the former GRA chief racing manager, has joined the Sheffield racing office on a consultative basis.

Rowe completed talks with the track’s managing director John Gilburn last week and took up his new post yesterday.

His main function will be to give back-up and advice to the existing personnel in the racing office and help to act as a mentor to their three young assistants.

Gilburn says: “I've not been entirely happy with things in the racing office and we can’t expect general manager Dave Perry to keep dropping those duties to go back into the office when there’s a problem.

“Bob has a wealth of experience, probably unmatched in the industry, and I want our people to tap into that. I'm really, really looking forward to working with him again and we worked well together when I was at Belle Vue where he gave me some very sound advice.

“There’s no set period for his time with us, but I expect it to run for three to six months and he’ll be working with us mainly on Tuesdays and Fridays, when he’ll stay on for the racing until the end of the Bags cards, but it will be a flexible arrangement.

“He’s being given a free hand.I want him to look at everything that is done in the racing office and then make recommendations back to me, which I can act on. I don’t expect him to be actually grading the cards, but he’ll be scrutinising the methods that we’re using.

“I also hope he’ll be able to help our assistants – Matt Stagg,Oliver Haigh and Alex Lindley –develop in their roles.”

Rowe ended a long career that started at Walthamstow back in 1961 at Belle Vue two years ago, but he’s been around the Manchester circuit when needed,particularly at major events like the ECC Timber Oaks Festival,and he talked the Sheffield job over with GRA boss Clive Feltham before accepting.

Rowe said: “I was delighted when John [Gilburn] asked me to take on this consultant role at the track. Basically I’ll be doing are view of the racing procedures and I'm looking forward to it.

“It’s a nice challenge for me. I've been in the industry all my life and I was reluctant to cut all ties when I retired. I've had a small involvement at Belle Vue and this job fits in nicely with that.

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