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Racing Welfare has a new Guest

02 March 2012

Retired stable and stud staff in Newmarket will soon be looking forward to getting a helping hand from a joint Derby and Oaks winning jockey Eddie Guest (48) will take up his new role in March as Racing Welfare’s Maintenance Operative for the Charity’s housing wing, Racing Homes.

The former Jockey who had over 5,000 rides and rode 160 winners, will be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the Charity’s portfolio of housing that provides homes to many of the town’s retired racing staff and some of those who have recently entered the industry.

Eddie’s move to the Charity has been bought about by the retirement of Jim Merchant who has held the role for over 10 years.

Keith Bovill, head of housing for Racing Welfare welcomed Guest to the Charity “Eddie comes from one of the great racing families, he started as an apprentice for his father Nelson at Induna stables in 1980 and in his time rode a Norwegian Derby and Oaks double on Ise Letter. This new role with us shows that wherever possible Racing Welfare tries to help those who have dedicated their lives to racing to re-train and find jobs that can help utilise their new skills and still use their racing knowledge.”

Eddie Guest hung up his boots in 2010 after a fall on the training grounds that left him with permanent damage to his left shoulder. “When injury forces you
to consider your future in racing it’s a scary time. I looked about and wondered what on earth I could do; all I know about is horses. However I was helped to retrain as a carpenter and when I saw the role with Racing Welfare I jumped at the opportunity to use my new found skills. Its great to think that I will be working for the Charity in racing that I consider to be a lifeline to so many racing lads and lasses.”

Racing Homes has properties in Newmarket, Lambourn, West Ilsley, Middleham and Arundel; all of which provide affordable, high quality and safe homes for life for those who have now retired from the racing industry or who have recently left the racing schools.

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