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Trainee stipes are unveiled by BHA

05 June 2013

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Trainee stipes are unveiled by BHA

THE BHA has announced the three names who have been recruited as part of its first trainee stipendiary steward scheme.

Sam Angell, Max Pimlott and Charlotte Risius, who began their roles this week, will be based both on the racecourse and at the BHA's headquarters. They will assist stipendiary stewards on raceday while also working with the handicapping team.

The scheme was announced by the BHA in February and was originally set to offer just two places. The three trainees will initially be on a one-year placement with the potential of a permanent role at the end of the 12 months. BHA head of stewarding Paul Barton said: "We are very pleased to be able to welcome Sam, Max and Charlotte on to the team as part of the new trainee stipendiary steward scheme.

"Their roles will allow them to gain first-hand experience of working in the field of racing regulation, while the scheme may potentially provide BHA with a platform in which to recruit and train the stewards of the future."

The BHA has also been carrying out a structural review of the section and has announced that Robert Earnshaw, who reports directly to Barton, will take on managerial responsibility for the whole stipendiary steward team.

Four stipendiaries - Colin Vickers, Adrian Sharpe, Adie Smith and Greg Pearson - will work in a management support capacity, including helping in the development and training of the three trainees.

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