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Wayman rejoins BHA as operations chief

29 July 2015

Wayman, chief executive of the ROA since 2012, will assume overall responsibility for the sport’s fixture list, race planning and handicapping, along with the BHA’s relationship with Weatherbys and many of the BHA’s corporate services functions,including its finance team.The position has developed since it was first mooted as a strategy director before being publicised as a director of racing and operations as part of are structure of the governing body’s executive team.

It marks a return to the BHA for Wayman, who had worked fort he organisation and its predecessor the BHB as assistant racing director from 2004 until he joined the ROA. He will report to chief executive Nick Rust, who said Wayman had stood out from a number of “very strong”candidates for a “crucial role atthe heart of the BHA”. Rust added: “The fixture list,and the development of an associated holistic race programme, have been identified as being pivotal to the sport’s progress and will be Richard’s key priorities, as well as working alongside others to help deliver a brighter future for British racing.

"Wayman’s start date has yet to be confirmed but the BHA said it was anticipated to be before the end of 2015. Wayman, 44, said: “At a time when British racing is facing significant challenges and also exciting opportunities, I'm thrilled to have been given the chance to work with Nick Rust and the rest of the team at the BHA to support the future of our industry.

“I'm a strong believer in collaboration so also look forward to working very closely with the sport’s many stakeholders,including in the crucial areas oft he fixture list and race programme.”Wayman said he had felt fortunate to have represented owners and thanked the team at the ROA, especially president Rachel Hood.Hood said: “The ROA has been incredibly fortunate to have a person of Richard’s calibre as our chief executive for the last three and a half years. He’s done an exceptional job, not only for the ROA but for the Horsemen’s Group and the racing industry.”

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